jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

L´Hotel - 1891

Calle's next series, The Hotel, had more planning than the chance meeting of a person. For The Hotel, she posed as a chambermaid and got a job at a Venice hotel.

Assigned to clean 12 rooms, Sophie Calle investigated the lives of strangers staying at the hotel. In each room, she would take a picture of the bed as the room's occupants left it. Sophie Calle would then take various other photographs throughout the room of personal items, laundry, garbage, etc. She also went through their belongings and took notes of what she found, including information about any papers she might find.

The completed series contained 12 works, one for each room, which consisted of a grid of photographs from throughout the room placed next to a larger photograph of the bed. Below the photographs was text from Sophie Calle outlining not only what she had found, but also any other details that she interpreted from what she had seen.

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